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The wedding dress takes a turn toward the dramatic

This year promises to be a fun one for the wedding dress. It’s playing with colourful accents, lacy layers, changing lengths — and it’s doing it on a budget.

“Black accents are not Goth anymore,” says Lori Pannia, editor in chief at the theringbearer.ca.

“This theme was all over the runway; whether it be a sash in the hair, a belt around the waist or even simple details on the dress, all designers used some sort of drama with black accents.”

Red is also getting in on the fun.

“Look for bright red dresses embellished with large satin sashes and bows, or red dresses with black piping and details,” says Lisa Lewis, co-founder of Live It Up Events.

Texture is a big one this year — “Look for floral prints and intricate lace details, which make the dresses appear soft and touchable,” says Pannia. Layers are coming in the form of a bolero to cover the shoulders, or just more fabric to fill out the dress: “Chiffon, tulle, organza, or even feathers — layers of fabric are the newest major detail designers are playing with,” says Lewis.

And with layering comes functionality. “There was a movement towards wanting to wear short for the wedding but feeling torn about missing the experience and drama of the wedding gown,” explains Adele Wechsler. Her latest collection uses layers to transform a dress.

“They are pieces where you wear a short dress over a long skirt that together look seamless. [A bride] could come to the reception and be kind of sassy and sexy in a short dress. Or just simply be able to use it again. It fits in with the philosophy of the eco bride who wants to be able to reuse and re-wear and not simply have this dress that she could only wear once.”

Aside from flaunting legs, gowns are also revealing more skin on backs. “Backs were open and low cut,” says Pannia. “The looks are sexy but designed to be classy. Keep an eye out for keyhole cutouts and jewels adorning the back.”

Finally, budgets are being considered. While her collection offers saving in the form of two dresses in one, Wechsler has also come up with a more affordable line. “With the economy being what it is, another important consideration for me with this collection was that I wanted to be able to offer a couture gown for under $2,000.”

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