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The Weekly Yelp!: Best Mexican food in Boston

¡Muy delicioso! ¡Muy delicioso!

¡Hola Yelper! It’s official: you can now use Yelp in Mexico! What better way to celebrate the latest addition to the Yelp family than with a smattering of our favorite Mexican spots across Greater Boston? Dig into our picks, below.

Dorado Tacos & Cemitas
401 Harvard St., Brookline

I lived around the corner from this place for a year and my roommates and I COULD NOT GET ENOUGH. On days we didn’t wanna cook, and on days when we simply couldn’t resist the allure of the ridiculously addictive fish tacos, we would go downstairs, round the corner and hit up Dorado for dinner and sangria. My favorite is the shrimp taco! The pineapple salsa just slays me! I’m also always a fan of the grilled fish taco. On non-sangria days, their iced teas are quite refreshing. The staff is friendly, too.
Thanh L., Boston

El Pelón Taquería
92 Peterborough St, Boston

“I don’t even like burritos… Got the El Guapo with guacamole and hot sauce… I ate the whole thing standing up in my kitchen while making slight moans, and I literally had to have a cigarette afterward. That’s how good it was.”
Sara M., Boston

Angela’s Cafe
131 Lexington St, Boston

“Delicious. Mexican. Breakfast. That is all I can say. I had the eggs poblano, which came with two eggs, refried beans, potatoes in poblano sauce, and a piece of avocado. Yum!”
Dan G., Winthrop

Tenoch Mexican
3 Lewis St, Boston

“¡Ay, caramba! From the moment I laid eyes on the Tenoch menu, I knew my quality of life would improve… Highlights so far have been the carnitas, campechana, sordito pork, and barbacoa de borrego — and that’s just the fillings!”
Marko M., Somerville

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