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The Weekly Yelp: Boston’s best tater tots

Mexican Cheetos and truffle tots at Lulu's Allston? Yes, please! Credit: NH/Yelp! Mexican Cheetos and truffle tots at Lulu’s Allston? Yes, please!
Credit: NH/Yelp!

There is a war being waged deep in the underbelly of potato-based sides. We’ve been to the front lines, friends, and tater tots are winning. Covered and smothered, or simply sizzling and salty, these tuber treats deserve a place on your plate!

The Lower Depths
476 Comm. Ave., Boston
Now I’m gonna rave about the tots … because if you’re human, you love tater tots. This place has some of the best tots I’ve ever had in my life! We tried the poutine tots last time we were there, and if fat/calories weren’t existent, we probably would have downed at least four orders between three of us.
Kanika M.

Lulu’s Allston
421 Cambridge St., Allston
For food, we decided to start off with the truffle tots. They were delicious! The garlic mayo that came with them was awesome as well. Big portion for only $3.
Leesha Z.

The Avenue
1249 Comm. Ave., Allston
You’re going to order sides like fries and nachos and sweet potato tots. Yes, you WILL order sweet potato tots. And Mondays are always rough so you’ll order a beer or two. Or three.
Cristina R.

Five Horses Tavern South End
535 Columbus Ave, Boston
The short short version: Come here for solid drinks and maybe tater tots, but expect it to be crowded/loud.
Monica L.

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