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The Word: Fergie will not be on ‘X Factor’

You have to hand it to Simon Cowell — he knows how to drum up publicity. His new show, “The X Factor,” isn’t going to air until September, yet gossip items about the show are cropping up every week. In the past few days, there’s been buzz that Paula Abdul and Cheryl Cole will be judges on the show, as well as speculation that Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas will join them. The rumors are so strong, Fergie Ferg had to address them:

“I think that it’s a very committed job that you have to put your time into,” she told The Associated Press. “It’s right down my alley, but I just don’t think I have enough time to give and I would want to give everything to those contestants.”

Sadly, I can think of another reason: After looking at this very recent pic of Fergie, she probably needs time for the facial swelling from recent injections to go down before she creates words.

Don’t even show him two-ply

Speaking of the Black Eyed Peas, will.i.am talked with Elle magazine about his dating no-nos, and it’s not the usual com­plaints. “Another pet peeve is wet sinks. You don’t wipe the sink after you use it? Dry it off! And if she’s got only dry toilet paper and no baby wipes next to the toilet. You ain’t got no baby wipes?”

In the interview — reminiscent of Terrence Howard’s baby wipes-gate circa 2007 — will.i.am goes on to explain his reasoning: “Here’s proof on why people should have baby wipes. Get some choco­late, wipe it on a wooden floor, and then try to get it up with some dry towels. You’re going to get chocolate in the cracks. That’s why you gotta get them baby wipes.”

Cleaning the sink after each use, baby wipes, the odd punctuations in his name, his various space suits taking up all of the closet space — does anyone else get the impression that will.i.am is a very high-maintenance boyfriend?

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