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The Word: Gyllenhaal checks out the ‘90210’

Gyllenhaal checks out the ‘90210’ — and more

So, Jake Gyllenhaal goes from Kirsten Dunst to Reese Witherspoon to Taylor Swift to … Jessica Lowndes? If the name doesn’t sound familiar, that’s because it isn’t to anyone over 16. Lowndes is not a movie star; she appears on The CW’s “90210.” And according to Us Weekly, Gyllenhaal and Lowndes shared breakfast together at New York’s Greenwich Hotel last Friday. But then Gyllenhaal took another date to a party later that night (the cad!). And, not one to slow down, on Sunday he took yet another girl out to lunch. “It seemed very friendly!” a witness tells Us.

Just once, I wish one of these “witnesses” or “sources” (i.e. publicists) the tabs use would just be straightforward in their accounts. Instead of “It seemed friendly!” or, “They were acting close!” just say it: “It was evident to even the busboy they had either come from having intercourse or this was just a pit stop until they did the deed. Now, let’s put those pesky gay rumors to rest, shall we? It’s so clear the guy is a total stud … with women.”

William and Kate to break records

The nuptials between Prince William and Kate Middleton will probably break the Guinness world record for the size of the TV audience for a wedding (this was set in 1981 by William’s parents, Charles and Diana). But they are up against some stiff competition for the record for “most searched-for celebrity wedding.” Apparently, the winner for this is Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s 2009 wedding. What? More people searched for that than the awesome picture of a drunk Britney Spears and Jason Allen Alexander at The Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas from back in 2004? That’s shocking.

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