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The Word: Jay-Z has Obama’s back on gay marriage

When Jay-Z went on CNN and was asked about Obama’s recent public support of gay marriage, he didn’t necessarily say anything groundbreaking. We’re all humans, we’re wasting our time talking about this, love happens: You’ve heard this before.

But, that said, everything sounds so much cooler when it’s delivered with a little Jay-Z swagger. This guy should consider running for office — or calling us:

“I’ve always thought of [opposition to gay marriage] as something that was still holding the country back. What people do in their own homes is their business.”

Of course it is. I bet your home is lovely. It seems like it would smell really nice and have good snacks. Swoon.

“It’s really not about votes, it’s about people. Whether it costs [Obama] votes or not, I think it’s the right thing to do as a human being.”

We’re humans! We love being human. Go humans.

“You can choose to love whoever you love.”

Like you, for instance. I mean, if Beyonce’s cool with it. She’s probably not. Forget this part happened.

Crazy doesn’t come cheap

Demi Lovato may get to sit at the same table as Britney Spears on “The X Factor,” but she won’t be taking home the same paycheck. While Spears signed a $15 million deal, Lovato will be earning a little more than $1 million for judging Season 2 of the singing competition, reports TMZ. Take note, Demi: Sometimes taking a year off to fall out of limos covered in Cheetos dust pays — big time.

It’s official:?We’re afraid of Tom Cruise

We don’t know what to make of the June cover of W magazine: We get that it’s a joke and Tom Cruise is in character for his upcoming heavy-metal musical “Rock of Ages,” but we suspect he thinks he looks seriously hot here.

Inside, the actor talks about where he learned his “Risky Business” dance moves: “My mother worked, my sisters were out, and I’d turn the music up. I learned how to dance watching ‘Soul Train.’ I noticed that if a guy could dance, he’d get a lot of attention and girls would want to dance with him. I worked very hard at imitating those moves.”

Now if only he worked very hard at imitating how humans act. Oh — like you were fooling anyone with those eyes, Tom.

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