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The Word: Kim Kardashian gets the attention she was looking for

While it’s still unclear as to whether Kim Kardashian’s oiled-up tush-exposing cover shot for Paper “broke the Internet,” as the magazine was hoping — some might say it’s been broken for a while already — but people definitely have opinions about it. While husband Kanye West was clearly supportive of her efforts, others were less than pleased. Comedian Billy Eichner went on a tear, offering several tweets about the photo, the best being, “Oh God look at what Renee Zellweger did now!” But others didn’t find the situation so humorous. “Glee” star Naya Rivera popped up on Kardashian’s Instagram post with the comment, “I normally don’t, but … you’re someone’s mother.” True, but she also built a multimillion-dollar media empire off of just one homemade sex tape, so let’s not all act so surprised.

I think we finally have the answer as to how Andy Cohen can handle all those “Real Housewives” reunion specials — or why he thinks the shows are a good idea in the first place. During an interview, Howard Stern grilled Cohen about his use of Molly, the pure form of ecstasy that Miley Cyrus is such a big fan of. “Look, it’s very dangerous, I’m not recommending it, I’m not advocating it,” Cohen says. “But it’s kind of great.” Yup, totally not advocating it, not at all.

For Out magazine’s 20th anniversary edition of its annual list of the most prominent LGBT personalities, the Out 100, the editors couldn’t decide on a single honoree to feature on the cover. So they picked four. Copies of the magazine are going out featuring Zachary Quinto, Ellen Page, Sam Smith and “Orange is the New Black” star Samira Wiley. And they even get fun honorary titles, though they kind of all sound like the same thing: Quinto is the “Artist of the Year,” while Page is the “Entertainer of the Year,” Smith is the “Breakout of the Year” and Wiley is the “Ingénue of the Year.” Go ahead, switch those around and see if anything really changes.

Quinto, for his part, uses his time with the magazine to try to combat an encroaching blasé attitude, especially among younger members of the gay community. “I think there’s a tremendous sense of complacency in the LGBT community,” he says. “AIDS has lost the edge of horror it possessed when it swept through the world in the ’80s. Today’s generation sees it more as something to live with and something to be much less fearful of. And that comes with a sense of, dare I say, laziness.”

It looks like possession of the boy will remain sadly undetermined for the time being, as Ariana Grande and Jessie J do not actually have any plans to record a new version of the Brandy and Monica duet, “the Boy is Mine.” It turns out it was just wishful thinking on producer Rodney Jenkins when he revealed plans for a team-up on the R&B hit during an interview with Hits Daily Double. “It’s absolutely not happening,” a source says. “Neither Ariana or Jessie knew a thing about this until all these reports came out. It totally came out of left field.” So, if anyone’s interested, the boy is still up for grabs.

It’s only taken 12 years, but you’re finally getting that “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” sequel you didn’t really ask for. Nia Vardalos will once again write and star alongside John Corbett — apparently both were still available — in a sequel that will feature yet another wedding and, I’m assuming, a fresh take on how kooky Greek-Americans are. “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” director Kirk Jones will be heading things up, with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson producing again. Does this mean my hopes for a sequel to “Rounders” aren’t completely dead?

“Interstellar” is a space movie that professes to take its science very seriously, so our reigning Master of All Things Scientific, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, went and took a look at it. “I don’t give opinions, I don’t care if anyone agrees with me or not. But as a scientist and an educator, I feel duteous to share with people what science they should look for,” Tyson says during a visit to “CBS This Morning” to share his thoughts on the film. Just so you know, it’s not a documentary. “They’re going through a wormhole to another part of the galaxy, so it’s science fiction, OK?” He at least goes easier on the film than he did last year with “Gravity.” Plus, the reaction shots of the co-hosts while he’s explaining wormholes are priceless.

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