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The Word: Lohan a suspect in theft — yes, again

Although her name was initially cleared, Lindsay Lohan is now officially a suspect in the theft of $100,000 worth of valuables from a Hollywood home.

Last week, police were called to the home of Sam Magid after Lohan, her assistant and others spent the night partying. Here’s where things get messy, even by Lohan standards: Magid claimed that insanely expensive sunglasses and watches were missing, but later recanted his story. Then, on Monday, two of Lohan’s friends — including Andrew Knight, son of hip-hop mogul Suge Knight — stopped by Magid’s house with some of the stolen items that they claim Lohan gave them, reports TMZ.

What’s Lohan have to say for herself? Quite a bit. According to TMZ, she claims that she was in an Ambien fog that night but does remember hiding jewelry, watches and Tiffany silverware out of fear they would be stolen by other guests. As for anything that actually did walk off, she blames Knight.

Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, is calling the accusation against his daughter an unfair “witch hunt” — presumably because he forgets she stole a necklace from a high-end jewelry store last year, resulting in a months-long, soul-crushing courtroom circus. Must be nice, Michael. Must be nice.

Emergency Stamos dose

In the midst of another Lohan hurricane, let’s now turn to our personal storm shelter full of kittens and pizza bagels, John Stamos.

John, why don’t you tell us how you’re ready to meet a nice girl and settle down?

“The other day, I was reading something that said, ‘Jimmy Kimmel, 44.’ And I was like, ‘Am I older than Jimmy Kimmel?’” the actor, who is 49, tells People magazine. “Not that he looks old — Jimmy’s my buddy — but he’s got kids and responsibility. I think part of me feeling not so adult-like is that I don’t have those pillars that say you’re an adult. I’m not married, I don’t have kids.”

Brand spices up his life

We’re beginning to think that Russell Brand has a type.

A month after finalizing his divorce from Katy Perry, the comedian is linked to none other than Geri Halliwell — aka Ginger Spice, the original pop star to declare pants optional.

Halliwell and Brand were spotted at the Olympics together — and while she won’t talk about her relationship, she does admit there’s something going on. “I’m not going into details,” she tells Hello! Magazine. “Right now there’s nothing serious.”

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