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The Word: Miley Cyrus selling her camera on eBay

Via Miley Cyrus's twitter Who knows what trove can be found on a camera owned by Miley Cyrus. Credit: Miley Cyrus’s twitter

When Miley Cyrus gets rid of used electronics and clothing, you would think she would just give them away or throw them into a lake or something, given how very, very rich she is. But no, she is startlingly middle class about it: She sells them on eBay.

Miley’s online retail cat slipped out of the bag Wednesday when she tweeted, “BUY MY OLD CAMERA!” with a link to an eBay page (via E! Online). It’s understandable that she’d want to give the sale a boost, since the Nikon N80 SLR film camera had been selling for $26.

However, since word got out, bidding has shot up to $14,700, which Miley has perhaps realized is problematic — she’s deleted the tweet. Hopefully she’ll donate the extra funds to charity or something.

Unfortunately, eBay provides limited info on sales more than 90 days old, so we can’t snoop much into Miley’s eBay past, though she’s been a member since 2007. Her feedback has been good though, and her past sales include another camera, several pairs of headphones, some blue jeans and some men’s ties, which sold for $0.99. Hey, eBay user Bass4Dude: You’re sitting on a gold mine. Miley probably twerked in those ties.

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