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The Word: No preventing this ‘Hangover’

It takes a lot to upstage Zach Galifianakis and a drug-dealing monkey. But as it’s turning out, the most outrageous, hilarious thing about “The Hangover Part II” is the lawsuit that almost prevented it from hitting theaters today.

The artist who designed Mike Tyson’s face tattoo — which makes an appearance on star Ed Helms’ terrified left temple in the sequel — claimed he owned the copyright to the image, and Warner Bros. didn’t have permission to use it. (Tyson, who made a memorable cameo in the original, seems to be in on the joke, as you can see in the photo at right. It’s also possible he wants to do more damage to Helms’ face.)

A judge, however, sided with the studio: “We are very gratified by the Court’s decision, which will allow the highly anticipated film, ‘The Hangover 2,’ to be released on schedule this week around the world,” a rep for Warner Bros. said in a statement.

We’re all for giving artists credit, but come on — is a tribal tattoo really work that you want your name on? It’s almost as dated as Bradley Cooper’s bro uniform.

Shriver wanted in on the outing

Maria Shriver didn’t just want the world to know about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair — she wanted to tell us, according to TMZ. Sources say that she wanted to host a news conference herself, but friends talked her into letting details leak to the gossip site and the L.A. Times instead.

To which we say, well played, Maria! You can always count on Unnamed Source to throw in an addiction reference, hint at bad parenting and maybe even come up with some dirty texts.

Nice to meet you, Estella

We had no idea who Estella Warren was before yesterday, and we have no reason to believe we’ll remember in a couple weeks. But for now: Monday night, the “Planet of the Apes” actress — sorry girl, but you’re not giving us much to work with here — struck three parked cars in L.A., drove away, kicked an officer who arrested her, then got out of her handcuffs at the police station and ran out the back door, reports TMZ.

Pace yourself, Estella! We need to put out this column five days a week, and Lindsay’s seemingly joined the Girl Scouts.

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