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The Word: Reduce, reuse, recycle – Celebrity edition

In honor of Earth Day’s 41st anniversary on Friday (as well as hottie Mark Ruffalo editing our Earth Day-themed paper, meow!), The Word takes a look at Hollywood’s most notorious celebrity recyclers.

Recycled excuses: Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson (tie)
Pull the “I was drunk” excuse once and you get a nice trip to rehab and our sympathy. Pull it twice (or more) and you just look like an immature jerk.

Who we wish would be thrown away forever: Charlie Sheen
Can’t we just put him on a huge garbage barge for parts unknown? Dude is total landfill material.

Recycled husbands
: Elizabeth Taylor
The grand dame was famously married eight times, but only had seven husbands (she married Richard Burton twice). If only someone told her that boyfriends were disposable — you don’t always have to put a ring on it.

Recycled Reality TV: The concept of the “celebrity family reality show”
We get it, Kardashians, Osbournes, Braxtons — you’re rich, egotistical, not too smart and like to cause drama. As for recycled reality TV star, Brad Womack is our winner. He has the distinction of being on “Bachelor 11” and then reused on “Bachelor 15.” Sadly, he gets no green award from us, due to his habit of using women once and then throwing them away.

Recycled tabloid magazine cover: Jennifer Aniston is pregnant/thinking about getting pregnant/not pregnant/adopting a baby.
Can’t we just let the poor woman ovulate in peace?

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