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The Word: Rihanna, truly pop music’s Ernest Hemingway

Rihanna graces the cover of Elle magazine for the fourth time for its December issue, and in honor of that she sat down with the magazine for a Q&A session full of evidence that Rihanna truly is the Ernest Hemingway of pop stars, using two words where someone like Miley Cyrus would probably use 12. But even with such brevity, her answers are illuminating — terrified of childbirth, loves Michael Bolton’s “Greatest Hits.” Who knew? Here are some of her more memorable sound bites.

• The answer we don’t really believe:
Elle: What do people misunderstand about you?
Rihanna: I’m shy.

• The answer that’s not such a huge surprise:
Elle: What’s your mantra?
Rihanna: “F— bitches, get money!”

• The answer that solidifies her geek cred:
Elle: The last time you were starstruck?
Rihanna: When I met Aaron Paul at the Spike awards.

• Most unintentionally cringe-inducing answer:
Elle: If you were a piece of jewelry, what would it be?
Rihanna: I’d be a choker!

Secrets don’t make friends, folks. Remember almost a year ago when Beyonce surprised everyone with a new album by just putting it up on iTunes and not really telling anyone? And then went on to sell more than 800,000 copies in three days? Well, it looks like she may be trying to do something similar this year, though it’s proving harder to keep the secret. A photo of a document detailing track and release date info for “Beyonce — Self-Titled — Volume 2” has been circulating online, suggesting a deluxe edition of last year’s album with 11 new tracks added. While the document could easily be a fake, it states the digital version is due for release Nov. 14, so we’ll find out soon enough either way.

UPDATE: Or maybe we’ll find out via an official press release Beyonce’s people put out today, since the cat was out of the bag already anyway. So, who’s getting a big old box of Beyonce for Christmas?

Sometimes a fan loves Ariana Grande so much that the young singer has no choice but to call the cops on him. At least that was what happened when Tim Normandin, a 29-year-old man from Lowell, Mass., didn’t heed her record company’s request that he stop sending Grande outlandish and odd gifts, according to TMZ. Among the tokens of his affections? Eight Yankee Candle Company candles, calendars featuring puppies and kittens, a three-piece mirror set from Kmart, a $200 anklet from Kay Jewelers, a rock he picked up in New Hampshire’s White Mountains and, best of all, a 42-and-a-half-pound pumpkin, which is apparently not the way to a pop star’s heart after all. Huh.

In her new indie film, “Cake,” Jennifer Aniston got something of a make-under, dressing down with no makeup and a drab haircut to play a car-crash survivor. And you know what? She loved it. Aniston found taking on the look “so fabulous — so dreamy and empowering and liberating,” she said during a recent Deadline panel. “The only time I had to sit in the makeup chair was just for the scars.” Oddly, there haven’t been a bunch of “get her look!” posts connected to this one.

That’s the thing about the Internet, it just keeps on rolling along. “Hot Mug Shot Guy” Jeremy Meeks is all but a memory, and now someone’s come to take his title. There’s a new Hot Mug Shot Guy sweeping the internet — and this one comes with a less conflicting cause for arrest. Sean Kory was arrested at a Halloween parade in Santa Cruz, Calif., for assaulting a man dressed up as a Fox News reporter. Kory reportedly yelled, “I hate Fox News,” grabbed the man’s prop microphone and rubbed it in his crotch then began pummeling the victim with a tennis racket, though police reports indicate the man was not injured. Meeks became an online sensation earlier this year when his mug shot went viral after his arrest on gang-related gun charges.

In case you hadn’t heard, Christopher Nolan has a new movie coming out this weekend — today, actually, if you’re discerning enough to see it on film instead of digital — so in honor of “Interstellar,” check out “Inception Retold by Mom,” from YouTube user pixelspersecond and, naturally, his mom. We’ll just let her explain it. But just know that Matt Damon was really, really good in it.

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