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The Word: Sara Leal finally gabs about Ashton Kutcher

Sara Leal, the 22-year-old San Diego woman who claims she was with Ashton Kutcher on the night of his sixth wedding anniversary, is breaking her silence (and by “breaking,” I mean “the highest bidder finally won”). “He just came up and kissed me,” Leal tells Us Weekly of her introduction to Kutcher. Leal claims the “Two and a Half Men” star told her he was separated from Demi Moore. She then details a late night cavorting naked in a hot tub with Kutcher and one other woman before the pair retired to Kutcher’s bedroom in the early morning. “He lost his towel and I took my robe off,” Leal says. “Then we had sex.” And did they use a condom? Leal says no. Apparently, Kutcher’s pillow talk got political, as Leal says he quizzed her on “up-and-coming candidates,” she remembers. “I said Rick Perry. He asked if I’d vote for him. I said I didn’t know and he laughed. He laughed at pretty much everything I said.”

Ugh. No wonder Demi wants a divorce. Not only does he cheat on her and not use a condom (For shame, Ashton! For shame!), but the upcoming presidential election is his go-to subject for pillow talk. My eyes can’t roll any harder.

Hilary Swank parties in Chechnya

Don’t Seal, Hilary Swank and Jean Claude Van Damme have enough money that they don’t have to accept cash from a dictator? Apparently not. The stars were paid millions to attend a concert held on the 35th birthday of Chechnya’s leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, who has been accused of rights abuses, including murder, per The Associated Press.

“Ramzan Kadyrov is linked to a grim record of abuse,” says Hugh Williamson of the Human Rights Watch. “When stars get paid to turn up to party with (Kadyrov), it trivializes the suffering of countless victims of human rights abuses.”

Swank wasn’t forced to wear an Islamic head scarf, even though Kadyrov has forced his female citizens to do so. (He has also publicly approved honor killings of women). At the event, she said she liked the Chechen government’s “passion to make peace.”

And here I thought Sara Leal selling her Ashton sex story to Us Weekly was distasteful.

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