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The Word: Someone doesn’t like the song ‘Friday’

It looks like someone cares enough about the Internet phenomenon that is Rebecca Black that they are actually taking time to pick up the phone. Police in Anaheim, Calif., are investigating a pair of death threats made against Black, known for her song “Friday,” according to Reuters. “In essence, the threats were related to getting the music off the Internet or they were going to kill her,” a police spokesman say. “We can’t validate how serious they are, but we do take it seriously.”

If people call in death threats just because your lyrics are insipid, I wonder how many The Black Eyed Peas get each week?

Justin’s bringing sexybald

Justin Timberlake is reportedly stressing out about thinning hair, according to In Touch, with a source close to the singer saying concern about hair-loss is one of the reasons for Timberlake keeping his close-cropped. “He’s keeping his hair super-short so no one notices,” the source says. “He’s using specially formulated shampoo to promote hair growth. He certainly doesn’t want to go bald.” Get outta here, In Touch! He is worried about his thinning hair? Next whopper you’re going to tell us is that Timberlake sometimes cleans out his ears to avoid wax build-up.

Shoot me now

Time magazine asked Justin Beiber who he thinks is the most influential person in the world right now and he answered: “[It] has got to be Charlie Sheen. He’s got a million followers in one day on Twitter. And … I’ve never seen that happen before.”

Before you start crying, remember: We’ve done this to ourselves.

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