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The Word: The ex-bride wore white — a bit too soon

Poor Kristin Cavallari – not only is her engagement to Jay Cutler over, but photos surfaced online yesterday of her modeling wedding dresses, taken two days before Cutler reportedly called it off. If it’s true that the Bears quarterback did stop the wedding, it’s rather cruel he did so soon after she was snapped wearing white.

Also sad? This headline from TMZ: “Kristin Cavallari — The TRAGIC Wedding Dress Photos.” Whoa. Calm down there, TMZ. Isn’t “tragic”?a bit over the top? Maybe “embarrassing” would be more accurate. Tragic would be if she severed her femoral artery on a runaway sequin, not just having a picture taken of herself (which, from what I can tell, is pretty much her career). Girlfriend is 24. In Hollywood math, that means at least seven more chances for her to wear white.

Skarsgard split

After two years together, “True Blood” star Alexander Skarsgard has reportedly split from girlfriend Kate Bosworth, according to Us Weekly. “It was very mutual,” a source says. “And it happened awhile ago.” Skarsgard definitely seemed single while hitting the party circuit at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, where sources say he got flirty with a brunette before leaving with her. “He’s single, and he is loving the attention,” the source says. My theory? Bosworth’s neck just couldn’t handle the strain.

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