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The Word: Things are in the clear for these stars

Even though he’s got a 1-year-old at home with wife Paula Patton, singer Robin Thicke wasn’t too busy to fete the new Remy Martin V cognac at LAVO NYC on Tuesday night. Robin performed for the crowd and told us that life with his new son Julian is “amazing” and “couldn’t be better.” “I picked the right woman, so that’s the first key,” he added. Since V is Remy Martin’s first foray into clear spirits, we asked celebs in attendance to tell us something that they are totally clear about in their lives.

Robin Thicke: “I’m clear that family comes first. That’s what I’m sure about.”

Tyson Beckford, supermodel: “I’m clear that tomorrow I gotta get up and work out, so there won’t be no heavy drinking tonight.”

Kat DeLuna, singer: “Definitely what I want. I’m always clear about what I want, and the decisions that I’m going to make. I think that’s very important.”

Tika Sumpter, actress and “Gossip Girl” star: “That I love myself, with all my heart, more than anybody else can love me, and that I wanna inspire and empower other women in my life. I wanna change little girls’ lives, I wanna change older women’s lives. I’m very clear on that.”

Cindy Barshop, “The Real Housewives of New York”: “That I’m gonna be the best mother that there could be.”

Laz Alonso, actor: “That it’s hot out here, I’m sweating and I got sweat dripping down my back right now.”

Kenny Santucci, MTV’s “Real World/Road Rules Challenge”: “I’m really not clear about much in my life. I like to keep things pretty blurry. A little hazy.” — With additional reporting by Meredith Engel

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