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The Word: Tim Gunn calls Kirstie Alley’s bluff

Kirstie Alley has looked nothing but great since appearing on “Dancing with the Stars.” But is she really a size 4 after dropping 100 pounds, as she claims? Tim Gunn thinks not.

“There is a phenomenon out there right now that I call the lying, deceptive shell game of vanity sizing. In fact a 4 is really a 6 or an 8,” Gunn said in an interview with a Tampa, Fla., radio station over the weekend.

Instead, Gunn — who served as the chief creative director for Liz Claiborne before you met him and his catchphrases on “Project Runway” — suspects that Alley is actually somewhere between a size 8 and a size 10. And that’s in 2011 speak: He points out that a size 8 today is larger than ever (hence Marilyn Monroe’s “size 14”).

Naturally, we spent a really creepy Sunday afternoon stalking her on our photo service. The verdict? We don’t know where she’s buying these “size 4” dresses, but we very, very much want to find out — and hope they accept credit.

Good news, courtesy of Rob Lowe

We know we regularly bum you guys out with tales of celebrity parenting disasters, rehab stints and petty feuds. It’s the nature of the business, and for that we sincerely apologize. But today, we offer you this item about Rob Lowe: For the past six months, according to TMZ, he’s been volunteering with OneDogRescue.org, a rescue organization for special-needs dogs — plenty of them in tiny little casts with big grateful eyes.

Rob Lowe, this earns you a get-out-of-gossip-free pass. Please redeem before any interaction with Lindsay Lohan for best results.

JLo doesn’t do Carvel

Jennifer Lopez was spotted spending time with almost-ex Marc Anthony over the weekend. It seems it was his birthday, and he confirmed to UsMagazine.com that the two are “absolutely” still friends.

Not that we doubt her sincerity, but there was a big ol’ Ace of Cakes centerpiece at the super swanky Miami bash …

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