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The Word: Vanilla Ice is back, back baby

Ice is back with a brand new invention

During his 1990 “Ice Ice Baby” heyday of parachute pants, bethonged women and the pompadour flat top that came with the crazy glory of selling 11 million copies of “To the Extreme,” Vanilla Ice probably didn’t envision himself in 20 years performing theater. Make that children’s theater. In England. In pantomime.

Yes, the former “rapper” is playing Captain Hook in a live theatrical production of “Peter Pan” in London, reports the BBC. “Ice is a huge name who I am sure will be a real draw for parents and children alike,” theater manager Tony Hill said. “He has never performed in a pantomime before, but I am sure he will go down as a hit.”

Pantomime, which is different than mime, means Ice can only use body movements and facial contortions, but not his voice. This means, of course, there will be no rocking of the mic like a vandal, but hopefully he’ll still be able to light up the stage and wax a chump like a candle.

Whatever that ever meant.

Daddy Federline: Papa Zao!

Can someone explain to me why women want to procreate with Kevin Federline? It was announced yesterday the former backup dancer is expecting a child with girlfriend Victoria Prince — his fifth. Luckily, Britney is going on tour this year. Girl’s gotta work if she’s going to support all of Federline’s various children for him.

Pot, meet kettle

When asked by Australia’s Daily Telegraph what she thought of Internet sensation Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video, which got 16 million views in one week, Miley Cyrus said: “You shouldn’t just be able to put a song on YouTube and go on tour. It should be harder to be an artist.” Ah, yes. “Harder.” This apparently means having an already famous father who would sell your soul to the Disney corporation, who would, in turn, spend millions in marketing you as a singer and actor to gullible little girls.

But let’s not split hairs, shall we?

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