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The Word: Zack Snyder comes to Aquaman’s rescue

Zack Snyder at Comic-Con International 2014 at San Diego Convention Center on July 26, 2014 in San Diego, California. Zack Snyder at Comic-Con International 2014 at San Diego Convention Center on July 26, 2014 in San Diego, California.

A couple of radio hosts in Detroit were talking trash about Aquaman last week, so “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” director Zack Snyder decided to call in and defend him — proving once more that Aquaman can’t defend himself and has no business in the Justice League. I kid! I kid! But seriously, folks, Snyder — who is in Detroit to film the superhero flick that clearly isn’t taking up that much of his time — wanted to make it clear that Aquaman would be totally awesome in the movie should he end up in the movie, but Snyder isn’t saying he’ll be in the movie. (He’ll be in the movie.) “I don’t want to give anything away about the movie, but Aquaman has some cool abilities,” Snyder said. “[He] could cut the flesh of Superman if they came in contact. … It’s not to say that he’s in the movie or anything like that, but he has the potential to be bad-ass.” This does seem like a great way to get Snyder to spill more about the 2016 film than he was planning. Quick, someone with a radio show say something mean about Robin!

Arquette off the wagon and proud

This doesn’t bode well. One-time sober person and all-the-time good-time-party-guy David Arquette is not hiding the fact that he’s been getting hammered lately, despite having a 4-month-old baby at home. “I’m not sober. It’s very hard [to work in the nightlife field and stay sober]. That’s probably why I’m not sober,” he recently told Rumor Fix. That “probably” is a nice touch, suggesting more inquiry into the subject is called for. That working in nightlife bit? Oh, Arquette is part-owner of a couple of alliterative Hollywood hotspots called Bootsy Bellows and Hooray Henrys. He’d previously been sober for more than two years before giving that up because, as he told Howard Stern at the time, “I wasn’t being true to myself, like what I enjoy and this and that.” To thine own self and this and that, Mr. Arquette.

Formal drug charges for Robert Downey Jr.’s son

Indio Downey, son of “Iron Man” star Robert Downey Jr., has been officially charged with felony drug possession following his arrest in June, according to TMZ. Cops stopped a car in which Indio was riding after spotting the 20-year-old brandishing drug paraphernalia. A subsequent search turned up cocaine on his person. Indio has previously sought treatment for addiction to pain medication.

Duchovny and Leoni make their split official

David Duchovny and Tea Leoni have finalized their divorce three years after splitting up for the last time — plus six years after Duchovny checked himself into rehab for sex addiction — and this one is going to cost the “Californication” star, according to Radar Online. The settlement, filed in New York City, calls for Duchovny to pay Leoni $40,000 a month in alimony plus an additional $8,333 a month in child support for their two children, 15-year-old Madelaine and 12-year-old Kyd. Duchovny also has to cover the kids’ expenses for private school, tutoring, summer camp, extracurricular activities and college.

Sorry, Internet. That wasn’t Idris Elba’s junk.

The Internet went into a frenzy recently when photos of Idris Elba on the set of his new movie seemed to point to a certain astonishing anatomical aspect of the “Luther” and “Thor” star. Sleuths insisted the images prove Elba is both ridiculously well-endowed and a member of John Hamm’s anti-underwear club. But apparently it was all too good — or big — to be true, as Elba himself took to Twitter to clear things up. “The good news is I got a s—load of followers,” he tweeted. “The bad news is that is a mic wire.” But what a lucky mic wire, right?

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