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The world can be a rude place

Good day. I had to write in about adult manners. While my husband was parking our car over by Tags MicMac Mall, myself and youngest grandchild was waiting for him by the entrance of Winners. My grandchild held the door open for about 100 adults and maybe five said thank you. The rest walked by and didn’t even look at her. How do I explain this to my grandchild?

I love your email, thank you!

I’m certainly not trying to make excuses for those people who did not say thank you, but it was five days before Christmas and I’m sure those shoppers were preoccupied with their Christmas shopping in a busy mall.

Some people say that when someone doesn’t say thank you, you should say back in a loud stern voice ‘you’re welcome!’ to make them aware of their mistake.

I understand why people want to do that, however I do not advise this because pointing out people’s social mistakes publicly is not polite nor the gracious thing to do on your part — two wrongs don’t make a right. But I do hear your frustration loud and clear. I promise I’m listening.

So what to tell your granddaughter? Well, the truth is first teaching her to always be polite and say thank you herself (I’m sure you have already done that).

Second, tell her the truth that some people in this world are rude and don’t say thank you. This is going to happen to her in life and she has two choices: stop being polite all together or just let it go. Finally, know that, generally, when people are rude such as in these circumstances, they are not trying to purposely hurt her feelings, they just don’t know any better.

Ultimately, I believe teaching her to be the example is the right thing to do.

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