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The worst dressed celebrities of the week

We would like to start out this week’s bad fashion wrap up by congratulating everyone for not making bad sartorial decisions this week.

For the most part everyone looked pretty alright, which made those who didn’t look so great, look extra, extra horrible.
Here are this week’s fashion felons:
Iggy Azelea: The Australian rapper’s sheer silver number that she (probably) shoplifted from the curtain section at Bed Bath & Beyond, proves once and for all: no, it’s not what’s on the inside that counts.
Rita Ora: Legend has it the singer’s disaster of a dress is actually made from the uniforms of Orange Julius employees she ate to sustain her immortality.
Kristen Stewart: The actress won’t say if she’s gay or straight, so her outfit took the liberty of doing it for her.
Zosia Mamet: We allege that Mamet woke up and thought to herself “I give up” and the rest is history.
Jordana Brewster:In case of emergency pull the white sash to set this suit on fire.
Sarah Paulson: Believe it or not this dress is not a napkin covered in mustard and ketchup.
Kristina Bazan: I have nothing sassy to say. I just hate this dress. Burn it. BURN IT TO THE GROUND.
Kat Kramer: This dress proves once and for all that by day Kramer is an actress, but by night she’s a guard outside Liberace’s tomb.
Gwyneth Paltrow: This dress is about as exciting as GP’s personality.
Kate Bosworth: Kate! KAAAAATE! You look like a bowl of thrown-up potpourri. Go home, Kate.

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