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Themed weddings a good way to ensure fun for everybody

For the most part, traditional weddings are boring, impersonal, and too long, according Keith Langille.

He should know. Over the past seven years, Keith and Lynne Langille, from Exceptional Ceremonies, have presided over 600 ceremonies in the Ottawa area.

The Langilles prefer not to do the average wedding, where guests sit quietly watching the backs of the bride and groom while a minister speaks in vague terms about love and commitment.

“What we do is different because each script is personalized,” said Lynne.

While most ceremonies have traditional elements, they have been doing more and more theme weddings.

“They are becoming more popular, especially for smaller weddings with fewer people,” said Lynne.

People choosing alternative ceremonies tend to be looking for something unique, said Christine Houle, manager of Audrey’s Costume Castle, which has experienced growing demand for costumes for theme weddings.

“A lot of North American weddings are the same thing being done everyday, especially in the summertime,” she said. “It’s really them just wanting something that everybody will remember.”

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