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There’s a Trump on the cover of Time Magazine, for real this time

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There’s a Trump on the cover of Time magazine, but it’s probably not one you’ll see hanging on the walls of Mar-a-Lago.

Featuring a close-up of Donald Trump Jr’s face with the words “Red Handed” emblazoned across the front, the magazine relishes in the absurdity of Trump Jr’s release of an email thread about a meeting with a Russian lawyer offering “incriminating” evidence on then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Oh boy. Don Jr. is on the new cover of @TIME,” one journalist wrote, tweeting out an image of Time’s latest cover.

The cover comes just two weeks after President Donald Trump grabbed headlines for hanging fake Time magazine covers featuring a photo of him in at least eight of his resorts — strange considering Trump has actually appeared on the cover of Time magazine 14 times, but many of the stories those covers were spinning were less than complimentary of the 45th president.

Trump has not appeared on a Time cover since winning the presidency, unless, of course, you count Trump Jr.

On Tuesday, Trump Jr released an email chain about setting up a meeting with a Russian lawyer during the height of the campaign last June. Although gathering political opposition research is common on the campaign trail, federal campaign-finance law makes it illegal to solicit or accept campaign contributions — which can include information — from foreign nationals. Some experts have said Trump Jr’s release of his emails are essentially a confession of a crime, which has earned him his prominent spot in Time magazine.

Inside, the Time cover article had some plain words for what Trump Jr’s email scandal means for the Trump White House: “a ‘sh—tstorm’ that no White House staffer even tries to deny.”

“All of Washington has awakened to the fact that the Russia issue has spiraled beyond anyone’s control. There are too many investigations and too many targets―each with his own interests to protect and his own team of attorneys to protect them―and too many enemies created by Trump’s bull-in-a-china-shop style. It’s not a question anymore of putting them all in a box and shutting the lid. It’s only a question of how bad it will get.”

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