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These are the celebrities most Americans want to have shower sex with

We all fantasize about our favorite celebrity crush — but about in the shower?

A survey from Harris Poll reveals that women rank Channing Tatum as the top male celebrity they would want to have shower sex with. As for guys, Jennifer Lawrence is at the top of their list, followed by Sophia Vergara.

Another survey, from Trojan Lubricants, looked at the shower sex habitats of average Americans, showing that more than half in a relationship say that shower sex would boost their love life.

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Trojan also revealed that 81 percent of Americans who have experienced shower sex with a partner would want to do it again. Additionally, 62 percent of Americans would prefer to be intimate in the shower than an airplane bathroom. Move over Mile High Club.

It seems like Trojan Lubricants understands what couples really want.

“We know that couples are getting more adventurous and are looking for products to spice up their sex lives and increase pleasure, both in and out of the bedroom,” says Stephanie Berez, group brand Manager for Trojan.

The people at Trojan have developed a lubricant specifically designed for use in water. They claim it will make shower sex more enjoyable for everyone.

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Because we know music can be a major component during intimate times with your partner, Trojan has also created a Spotify playlist of songs to help you get in the mood which includes hit songs from Usher, D’Angelo, John Legend and, of course, Marvin Gaye. Just make sure you have a shower speaker handy.

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