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These are the most popular places in NYC for Pokemon Go trainers

The Flatiron Building, Times Square and Columbus Circle globe are just some of the
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PokemonGo has New Yorkers in a complete frenzy traveling all over the city in the quest to catch the rarest of the digital beasts. The app that’s taken millennials, nerds, and anyone with a smart phone by storm has prompted companies to conduct data analysis on players to learn more about the augmented reality game.

Cuebiq, a location data company, analyzed Pokemon Go users in the NYC area to understand geo behavior, location patterns, visit trends at Pokemon Go Gyms and brand affinity.

The analysis that lasted for a period of two weeks between June 30and July 17included 20,000 anonymous New Yorkers who downloaded the app. Cuebiq found geo-behavioral patterns by tracking location visits across more than 250 Pokemon Go Gyms across the city, and a range of leading retail and dining venues.

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Results from the analysis found the top 10 most visited Pokemon Gym locations in New York, beginning with the New York Times office, and ending with the Bryant Park Fountain. Other popular gym spots for Pokemon trainers include the Columbus Circle globe, the Flatiron Building, Times Square, the Google office inside the Port Authority, St Paul’s Chapel, the NYC post office on Eighth Avenue, the Winter Garden Theatre and the Chrysler Building. The “most addicted” Pokemon Go user reportedly visited 10 different gyms in Manhattan in just one day, covering 27 miles — that’s quite the workout!

Cuebiq also found the most visited leading brand locations. McDonalds, Gap, Dunkin Donuts, Gamestop, and Famous Footwear were among the top 10.

Pokémapper, the world’s largest user contributed gaming map, also collected data on Pokemon trainers in New York City. Since the game’s launch, over one million visitors have contributed data.

Collected data found exactly which Pokemon New Yorkers are looking for, as well as which ones are most likely to appear on every block of the creature infested city.

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Manhattan’s most wanted Pokemon appears to be Bulbasaur, Mewtwo, and of course, Pikachu.

The most common Pokemon are Pidgey, Jynx and Elecrabuzz.

Central Park, just north of 79thStreet, is the city’s most popular site for Poke-finding. If you’re looking for bug and water types, just take a stroll through Manhattan’s gem.

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