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These colleges have the most attractive singles: Dating app Clover


If your college curriculum includes landing a hot date, stop studying.

Dating app Clover just released its list of the 10 U.S. schools that have the most attractive singles looking for lovebased on data from 1.4 million users.

“Clover’s proprietary attractiveness scoring system uses a combination of machine learning and behavioral analysis to accurately calculate a person’s level of attractiveness beyond basic likes and dislikes,” the company said.

The most attractive female students, according to the app, can be found at the University of California, while the hottest guys attend West Virginia University.

Just one school — Indiana University — appears in both Top 10 lists. The University of Wisconsin has the highest number of ladies looking for long-term love, while the men at the University of Colorado are most active at night.

Schools with the most attractive women:

1. University of California

2. Cal State

3. Arizona State

4. Penn State

5. University of Wisconsin

6. University of Central Florida

7. University of Maryland

8. Indiana University

9. University of Texas

10. Texas A&M University

Schools with the most attractive men:

1. West Virginia University

2. University of Missouri

3. University of Colorado

4. University of Nevada

5. Florida Atlantic University

6. University of Arizona

7. Indiana University

8. University of Utah

9. University of North Carolina

10. Florida State

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