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These tweets prove Donald’s not the only Trump that loves fast food

Melania Trump Fast Food

Melania Trump knows a good burger — at least that’s what Whataburger thinks.

In the midst of meeting with Hurricane Harvey first responders and victims still recovering from the storm, the stoic yet stylish first lady, along with Karen Pence (otherwise known as the “second lady”) and staff, visited the fast food chain’s original location in Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Stephanie Grisham, Melania’s director of communications, posted a photo of the pair at the register.

It was a big deal to Whataburger who tweeted, “Hope it was a great meal! Thanks for stopping by.”

While we’re not sure what Melania specifically ordered, this video reveals press traveling with them also got Whataburger bags — and they were full of hot fries.

Melania Trump’s diet

While the running joke about Trump loving his Big Macs is as old as time (sort of), Melania reportedly has quite a healthy diet in comparison.

Vanity Fair uncovered from inside sources that the president allegedly had Melania promise him she’d “get her body back” before they had their now-11-year-old son Barron. Whether or not Trump’s been an influence on her healthy eating habits is up for debate, but Melania has revealed in past interviews that she adopted this lifestyle during her modeling days.

She told GQ that she used to strive to eat seven pieces of fruit every day, a goal she tries to stick to. Her breakfast of choice is oatmeal or a smoothie, and she takes vitamins for her hair and skin. Melania even told Bella NYC that, if stranded on a desert island, she couldn’t go without them.

This aside, she assures the publication that instead of heavy dieting or meal plans, she values balance — everything in moderation.

“I love chocolate and ice cream, and I have those things once in a while,” Melania said. “It’s good to indulge cravings and your tastes once in a while…as long as you balance those things with healthy foods.”

Her balanced diet, therefore, allowed her to splurge with whatever she got at Whataburger, proving that everyone has to live a little after all — even the first lady. 

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