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#TheWord: Arrived, the Star Wars trailer has

It’s happening, “Star Wars” fans. It’s really happening. Starting today and continuing through the holiday weekend, Lucasfilm and Disney are debuting an 88-second teaser trailer for “Star Wars: the Force Awakens” at 30 select venues across the country. And you don’t even have to worry about buying a ticket to something you don’t want to see, as the trailer will be playing before every single movie playing at the lucky Regal, AMC and Cinemark theaters. For those playing along at home, here are the local spots where you can catch the trailer on the big screen:




If you’re out of town this weekend, check out the full list of venues here.Or, you know, you can watch it right here:

And just in case you didn’t feel special enough about the teaser, director J.J. Abrams even put out this handwritten note inviting everyone to check it out.

Remember, just 13 more months till the movie comes out!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, how about some pure, baseless speculation into what famous people are thankful for this year? I thought you’d never ask.

It’s become apparent that part of being in the cast of “Friends” means fielding questions about a theoretical reunion at every single interview, as Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer are learning. OK, maybe not so much Schwimmer because no one’s really interviewing him lately, but still. As Graham Norton recently asked Jennifer Aniston, “Do you and the other ‘Friends’ just think, why don’t we just do the reunion so people will stop wanging on about it?” — which is clever, but still a way of wanging on about it. So, what do the latest crop of denials — or the opposite — look like? Here you go:

Matthew LeBlanc:
“I definitely hang out with them from time to time, and there’s no talk of a reunion at all.”

Courteney Cox:
“It’s not going to happen. Let me tell you something: There’s six ‘Friends,’ and I’ve been trying to put together a cast dinner for 10 years. It doesn’t happen! I can get the girls to come, maybe Matthew Perry. Matt LeBlanc canceled last time right at the last minute, Schwimmer lives [in New York City], so it’s just not gonna happen.

Matt LeBlanc:
“I’m not tired of getting asked that question at all. As far as a reunion project, that’s just not in the cards. … I think it’s best to imagine what those characters are doing now versus to see those characters. No one wants to see us in our 40s. Joey’s still struggling as an actor. It’d just be sad.”

Lisa Kudrow:
I’ll go for it. A whole season, because to spend that much time with those people again would be heaven.”

Jennifer Aniston:
“I say we just wait until we’re really much older and be just ‘Golden Friends’ because then you wouldn’t have the comparisons like, ‘Oh, look at Joey. ‘What happened to them?'” Or: “Oh no, dead ‘Friends.’ Then we’ll know that there’s no reunion to have.”

Santa has made his way down Broadway for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which means it’s officially the Christmas season. So let’s kick it off with one of the more interesting pop culture yuletide curios, David Bowie and Bing Crosby singing “Little Drummer Boy” for a 1977 TV special. As it turns out, Bowie only did the special because “my mother loves Bing Crosby,” he told Larry Grossman, the writer of “A Merrie Old Christmas.” And he also was dead set against singing “Little Drummer Boy” and would only be talked into it thanks to a slight rearrangement of the song.

Ah, Black Friday, the day when the love of a great bargain can drive droves of people to abandon common decency and make with the fisticuffs. While there are plenty of amazing sales and door-buster specials out there, let’s maybe reflect on what that all can lead to with this supercut of Black Friday madness. ‘Tis the season.

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