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Thief beats, binds woman; says sorry

Kathryn Murphy, 54, was the victim of a violent home invasion Wednesday. She was beaten, bound and robbed by a man who afterwards admitted he had the wrong person.

A home invader apologized to a 54-year-old city woman he had beaten, bound and robbed, saying she’d been mistaken for another person.

“‘Sorry, we thought you were somebody else’,” Kathryn Murphy recalls a man telling her as she lay on her bed, with her hands bound behind her, a cloth stuffed in her mouth, and blood running from her nose.

At around 7 p.m. Wednesday, Murphy answered a knock at the door of her 11th-floor apartment at 415 Maclaren St. When she opened the door, a man wearing a ski mask barged inside.

The man punched her in the face, threw her on a bed and bound her hands. He demanded to know where she kept her drugs.

“It all happened so fast, I was terrified. I was just praying they would leave,” she told Metro yesterday.

Insisting she had no drugs, Murphy told him where to find her anti-depressant pills, but the intruder didn’t take them. Instead, a second man — whom she initially did not see, but did hear — emptied her purse and took her credit and debit cards.

Soon after, the man shoved a cloth in her mouth to stop her yelling.

She was incredulous when the man apologized, saying they’d thought another person lived there.

Murphy was left in her bedroom, with the lights off and the door closed. She heard the door close and footsteps in the stairwell, but didn’t move in case one man had stayed behind. After five minutes, she began to struggle and eventually slipped her bonds and called police.

“I’m lucky, this could have been much worse. I hope they catch those guys, they’re scum,” she said.

Police describe the suspects as black males, one in his 20s and one in his 30s who wore a ski mask.