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Free matcha lattes make this the healthiest Friday ever

You'll have to work a little bit for these free matcha lattes, but you'll be a matcha-whipping expert by the end.
Nohohon Tea House is giving away free matcha lattes — but you'll have to work for them. Photo: cgc76, flickr
Nohohon Tea House is giving away free matcha lattes — but you'll have to work for them. Photo: cgc76, flickr

We have a lot of things to thank Japan for, whether it's the best animated series of 2016 or steak so good you actually don't mind eating it while standing.

But lately, it's been matcha matcha matcha. The must-have flavor made from powdered tea leaves is in everything, as much for its Instagram-ready green hue as its health-boosting properties like better concentration and more energy.

And this Friday, May 12, you can fuel your matcha obsession with a free class at the East Village's Nohohon Tea Room (9 St. Marks Place). In celebration of its first anniversary, the Japanese tea house will host free tutorials on how to prepare your matcha the traditional way.

The classes will run from 3-5 p.m., with guests each getting their own Japanese tea bowl and whisk to froth some of the teahouse's organic matcha powder into a latte-ready mix.

Then it's time to put your skills to use making your own vegan matcha lattes with vegan milk (or turn it into a bubble tea with housemade organic caramel boba), yours to enjoy for the low price of a little elbow grease. You'll even get some free matcha truffles for the road.

In case you're not up on your matcha, it's actually super finely ground green tea leaves that you drink instead of just steeping. That process yields 10 times more antioxidants than plain old green tea, which city dwellers always need more of in our beloved but grimy city.

The whisking is necessary to break up the tea powder clumps and aerate the mixture to create a lovely, thick foam that gives matcha lattes their luxurious texture, especially if you're using nut milk.

And once you've got the matcha whisk mastered, it's time to start building your own unicorn food empire

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