Adults-Only Overnight at the Bronx Zoo Photo: Julie Larsen Maher, Wildlife Conservation Society
Adults-Only Overnight at the Bronx Zoo Photo: Julie Larsen Maher, Wildlife Conservation Society

Adults are just kids who have outgrown the playground equipment. The solution: Get a bigger playground, and the Bronx Zoo is making some serious big kid fun happen with some amazing adults-only events.

Night at the museum is so last season — you can sleep over with the lions, tigers and bears at an Adults-Only Overnight party. Taking place May 6-7, only night owls 21 and over are invited to roam the zoo after hours, with the chance to encounter some of the animals up close and other special experiences, including an Instagram scavenger hunt.

Party stations will be set up in select areas serving themed food and drinks (sangria, rum punch and beer) late into the night. Drink responsibly, but if you do get a little silly, red pandas and baboons are the perfect audience for your human humor.

Spend the night hunkered down in your own personal tent to the soothing sounds of the jungle (uh, they are soothing, right?) In the morning, you’ll wake to a hot breakfast, coffee and a morning yoga session, and first dibs to explore the exhibits before the zoo opens for the day.


Tickets are still available for $350 per person, or $315 for Wildlife Conservation Society members, and if you don’t have a sleeping bag, the zoo is renting them along with a sleeping pad for $30.

On June 16, Brew at the Zoo is back for another round of over 100 varieties of wine and beer, paired snacks (and food trucks), plus karaoke, trivia and live music. Tickets are $69.99.

And for some true nostalgia, there’s also an 18+ Zoo Camp for Adults ($100, $75 for members) with activities like keeper training, animal meet-and-greets, themed games and more. The first summer session on Aug. 4 is already waitlist-only, so get your tickets for the Aug. 25 session soon!

Alas, May 19’s Evening with the Gorillas is already sold out, but we’re sure there’ll be another chance for you to learn about these great apes over wine and cheese and enjoy special activities throughout the Congo Gorilla Forest exhibit. Growing up may be overrated, but at least you can be a kid again.

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