The Rickmobile is on a U.S. tour. Photo: Twitter, @rickmobile
The Rickmobile is on a U.S. tour. Photo: Twitter, @rickmobile

Who knew a show about a boy and his dimension-hopping scientist grandfather would be a hit?

Yes, the animated cultural sensation “Rick & Morty” probably took its inspiration from “Back to the Future,” but the show has veered in its own bonkers directions — and has even started influencing the real world.

This week, it comes to demented life when Adult Swim’s Rickmobile — a giant van shaped like the wacky professor — rolls into Brooklyn on May 18 with stops at pop culture-loving Vinnie’s Pizzeria (148 Bedford Ave., 1-3 p.m.) and Barcade Brooklyn (388 Union Ave., 6-9 p.m.), then Yonkers on May 19 at the Alamo Draft House (6- 9 p.m.).

At the night stops, you'll also have the chance to buy some exclusive merchandise. Here's the full list:


While the Vinnie's stop is only a photo op, you can be sure there will be some amazing edible merch.

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