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Things get back to normal at QEII

Things were back to normal at the QEII hospital after overcrowding caused an emergency “code orange” to be called Tuesday. But officials are working to make sure that doesn’t need to happen again.

The hospital had been dealing with a string of busy days when they were hit with 26 admissions Monday night. That spike continued Tuesday morning and parts of the hospital were overwhelmed.

Needing more resources, doctors called a “code orange,” which is usually used for incidents outside the hospital that cause mass casualties.

As of yesterday the hospital wasn’t just back to normal, it was quiet.

“We think that perhaps due to all the media attention some people might have been staying away,” said spokesman Peter Graham.

“We certainly would like to relate to the public that regardless of what it sounds like here they should still come if they need medical assistance.”

Hospitals are often busy, but what was unusual Tuesday was that code being called to get more help. Doctors resorted to it because there was no easier way to get a quick injection of resources like paramedics.

Graham said that will be changing.

“There needs to be some sort of action-oriented code… to activate a higher level of response and reinforcements when we get into a situation like that,” he said.

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