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Things that might annoy a Giants fan

Metro spoke with David Barend and Paul Nardizzi, Boston-area authors of the “Things that might annoy …” books available at www.thingsthatmightannoy.com. The duo recently came up with some ideas to annoy Giants fans ahead of today’s Super Bowl and Metro asked for some situational advice:

You’re forced to watch a game with a Giants fan. What do you say to them?

“If you’re lucky enough to win this game, instead of Eli [Manning] looking in to the camera saying ‘I’m going to Disneyland,’ I hope Tom Coughlin looks at the camera and says ‘I’m going to a dermatologist.’” -Nardizzi

You happen to be waiting in line next to a Giants fan. How do you acknowledge them?

“Ask them to pronounce or spell ‘Umenyiora.’ That’ll hold them in line for an hour.” -Barend

You’re at a bar where obnoxious Giants fans happen to be. How do you shut them up?

“Do we have to talk to them or can we just beat the crap out of them?” -Nardizzi

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