donuts patriots titans
A delicious wager has been placed on the Patriots Titans game. Photo by Getty Images

There'll be more than a trip to the AFC Championship on the line during this weekend's playoff game between the Patriots and the Titans.


Boston's own Kane's Donuts and Nashville's Five Daughters Bakery have made a delicious wager over the outcome of Saturday's big match-up at Gillette Stadium. According to the terms of the bet, the losing bakery must send the winning city's store a dozen of their most popular donuts.


If that wasn't enough, the losing shop must also endure the shame of posting a photo along with the opposing team's jersey as they bake their donuts.


The friendly trash talking between Kane's and Five Daughters has already begun on social media, as Kane’s co-owner Maria Delios detailed the donut wager in a Twitter video posted on Wednesday.


"If the New England Patriots lose, we're going to send you a dozen of our delicious donuts," Delios says in the clip. "We all know that's not happening. So get ready to send us a dozen of yours. I can't wait to taste them."


This isn't the first time that Kane's has made a donut bet involving their beloved Patriots. The shop went head-to-head with bakeries in Houston, Pittsburgh and Atlanta last season, going a perfect 3-0 with their donut wagers. Hopefully we'll see a similar outcome this time around.

In addition to betting on New England, Kane's will be offering Patriots-themed donuts all playoffs long for fans to munch on.