Polar Seltzer
The new Polar Seltzer flavors are here. Photo by Polar Seltzer via Twitter

While fall has barely begun, that doesn't mean fans can't enjoy the new Polar Seltzer flavors for winter.

The Massachusetts-based beverage makers recently unveiled its latest, bubbly drinks for the cold weather season. Polar will offer a quintet of special flavors as the temperature starts to dip.

In addition to the return of fan-favorites such as cranberry cider and winter citrus and berry, new Polar Seltzer flavors like blood orange sangria, ginger lime mule and blackberry citron will also be hitting the shelves.

The Worcester company revealed its winter offerings in a series of social media posts over the weekend that would make Ned Stark and "Game of Throne" fans proud.


Winter is here! #LimitedEdition #2017

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Since a lot of Bostonians and New Englanders seem to be obsessed with everything Polar Seltzer, expect these new flavors to fly off store shelves this season. According to the Boston Globe, locals went wild over the summer for the brand's limited edition "Impossibly Good" line, which included the super popular Unicorn Kisses flavor.

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