Timeflies is back in town this weekend. Photo Provided

The story of Timeflies starts in Somerville, way back when members Rob “Rez” Resnick and Cal Shapiro attended Tufts University.

After winning the Battle of the Bands in Tufts’ plucky student cafe, their funk group opened for Ludacris at the school’s spring concert. Seven years since their graduation, Shapiro and Resnick still love to harken back to those college days, and have even devoted a track on their new EP “To Dream” to their former residences at Powderhouse Boulevard and Upland Road. 

“[Tufts] definitely got its fingerprints all over our history,” Shapiro tells Metro.

During their last semester in school, they debuted weekly YouTube videos titled Timeflies Tuesdays, which mix top hits with the band’s own freestyling. The series now has over 100 million views. Alongside their upcoming “Too Much to Dream” tour, doing those quick videos serves as a relief from the grind of producing original content.


“I think it’s really important for us to take our time on our craft and making everything perfect,” Shapiro says. “Now we’re doing [Tuesdays] on Instagram... it just gives us a way to show you what we’re up to and it allows us to have a creative outlet.”

As a foil to their 2017 album “Too Much,” “To Dream” features tunes animated by the playful attitude of two guys looking to have a good time. Last time they were in Boston for a show, Shapiro and Rez knocked on the door of their old college haunt, introduced themselves, and spent a night reminiscing with students who lived there.

After their concert in Boston on March 31, the two hope to come by Somerville again — but this time for the food. Rez’s favorite spot? “Oh Anna’s Taqueria. By far.”

If you go:

March 31, 7 p.m., House of Blues, 5 Lansdowne St., Boston, $30+, timefliesmusic.com

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