McDonald's Szenchuan sauce release date
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Thanks to the hit Adult Swim animated series "Rick & Morty," there's been a renewed obsession over McDonald’s Szechuan sauce.

Although it's been years since the condiment has been offered at the fast food chain, the limited edition sauce will finally make its return for one day only this weekend. Fans can grab McDonald’s Szechuan sauce at select locations on Saturday, Oct. 7. The special dipping packets will be available while supplies last.

Locals are in luck, as three McDonald's locations around New England will have the Szechuan sauce on hand this weekend. In Boston, the Kenmore Square location at 540 Commonwealth Ave. will have the limited edition sauce available.

Meanwhile, fans in Rhode Island can find the special dipping packets at the Providence location at 649 North Main St. McDonald's will also have the sauce on hand at the Manchester, New Hampshire, restaurant on 196 South Willow St.


The return of McDonald's Szechuan sauce coincide's with the chain's release of its new buttermilk crispy tenders.

"Guys, we did it. After returning with the Szechuan Sauce from the always-1998 dimension, C-1998M, we did some science and now we have a bit more sauce!" McDonald's chef Michael Haracz said in a release. "Technology is amazing. But delivering for our customers is even better."

Fans have fallen back in love with the sauce after it was name-dropped in an episode of "Rick & Morty." McDonald's seemed to enjoy the mention, as they sent the show's co-creator Justin Roiland a bottle of the sauce.

A few lucky "Rick & Morty" viewers also received special bottles of the sauce, one of which sold for over $15,000 on eBay this summer.McDonald’s Szechuan sauce originally released in 1998 as part of a cross-promotion for the Disney aniamted film "Mulan."

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