Grab a free Skyn condom today so you can be prepared when the next opportunity to bang presents itself. Photo: ISTOCK

The weather’s been unseasonably cool lately, but we’re predicting the long holiday weekend ahead is going to be...smoldering hot. If you didn’t have a summer fling this year, don’t mope. Instead, think of it this way: You have until Laid-By Day to get one in. When the opportunity strikes, you gotta act on it, so make sure you’re prepared, protection-wise. Here’s a promo that can help with that: Today, you can get free condoms — and ice cream — at Skyn Condoms Gourmet Ice Cream Truck in the Meatpacking District.  


Between 1 and 9 p.m. today, the truck will be parked at 14th St. and 9th Ave., across from the Apple Store. You can take your pick of vanilla, chocolate or sea salt caramel scoops — and grab a prophylactic for the road. 


And if you want to get deeper into it, Skyn will also have a “concierge” on hand to help you enter into a promotion to become “the next SKYN hotel critic couple and win a romantic getaway,” per the release. 


Basically, they’re looking for a couple who can help create a "SKYN Intimacy Guide" a guidebook highlighting some of the best international destinations for getting it on. The winning pair will get comped a five day romantic getaway to test out said locations. 


But basically: free ice cream and condoms, people! Get it.