Los Angeles favorite Milk is bringing its giant macaron ice cream sandwiches to NYC.
Los Angeles favorite Milk is bringing its giant macaron ice cream sandwiches to NYC.

Ice cream sandwiches are having a renaissance, from churro discs with hand-churned flavors at Smorgasburg to Klondike-style kiwi squares from Dominique Ansel.

This week, a Los Angeles cult favorite arrives to give the East Coast a taste of something new. The mother-daughter team of Nayla and Yasmine Audi behind Milk ice cream shop are bringing their rainbow-colored sandwiches to a Nolita pop-up store.

Milk is known for making all of their baked and frozen treats from scratch — and you’ll probably need to bring a friend to finish even one of these oversized sammies. Flavors (13 in all!) range from the classics (Vanilla, Rocky Road, Red Velvet) to Grasshopper, Fruit Loops and Banana Dulce de Leche, sandwiched between two oversized macarons and garnished with chocolate and Fruity Pebbles. Because if you’re going to be a kid again, you’ve gotta go all the way.

Despite all the sweet touches, the ice cream sandwiches ($6) manage not to overpower you with sugar, while the macaron keeps its signature crispy outer shell even after a couple days. (It took us a while to finish the samples Milk kindly sent. Did we mention they’re huge?)


The shop at 52 Kenmare St. will be open from June 22-25. If you prefer your ice cream the old fashioned way, scoops are also available from one ($4) to three ($8) in 15 flavors like Coffee Toffee, Thai Tea and Mango Chili.

Make it your lunchtime treat or late-night stop — the shop is open from noon to midnight. And while the pop-up will be gone at the end of the weekend, you’ll still be able to get Milk’s ice creams when they launch in pints, available to ship nationwide.

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