Brooklyn Central offers $75 crash courses in photography that would make an apt gift for a pal looking to improve their camera skills. Photo: ISTOCK

Sometimes you want to give the gift of an experience, instead of something tangible. You probably know someone who’s always wanted to learn how to make dumplings or cross flying trapeze off their bucket list. But they’ve probably never considered paying to indulge their whimsy. Here are five affordable classes in NYC that will help your friends get excited about trying something new in 2018. 

Learn to take better pictures at Brooklyn Central 

For your Instagram-savvy pal who might want to challenge themselves beyond staging thirst traps and selecting the best filters, this Dumbo photography studio offers crash courses that will help them hone their skills with their iPhone, learn the basics of using a digital camera, and beyond. $75 and up, dates vary,


Soy excited for #dumplings 101 & *NEW* 201 classes in 2018 with @dinnerbylany. You'll learn how to mix, wrap, steam, and make #soupdumplings #fromscratch. Sign up for one or both and take your skills to the next level. Shout out to our #HomeCook of the Week @cincityeats for this mouthwatering ? Look out for $75 class credits on us coming your way! #cookmore


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Learn to cook at Brooklyn Kitchen

There are all kinds of culinary tricks to pick up at this Brooklyn-based cooking school, with classes on learning the art of butchering ($150), how to make dumplings ($95), honing your knife skills ($100), and more. Any would make quite the holiday treat for the least irritating foodie you know.  Dates and prices vary, 

Learn macrame at Brooklyn Craft Company

Give the plant bitch or bro in your life the gift of learning to knit macrame plant hangers for their beloved green babies. Perhaps as a thank you, they'll at least invite you over to hang out among their hanging shrubs. Sat., Jan. 6, 3-5:30 p.m., $55,

Learn flying trapeze at Trapeze School New York

Here’s something to cross off the bucket list. Help your adrenaline junkie of a pal conquer this circus feat with a session at the Trapeze School New York, located in Williamsburg. There are also classes in aerial silk, acrobatics and trampoline. $55, dates vary,

Learn to make your own bath bombs at NY Institute of Aromatherapy

It’s bath season, bitches. These days, bath bombs are the go-to suds-making technology. What if you could make your own? This one-session bath bomb workshop at the  New York Institute of Aromatherapy is perfect for a friend who’s as keen on chemistry as she is on mastering the art of self-care. Thursday, Feb. 22, 6:30-8:30 p.m., $65, 

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