This Is Real traps you in a Brooklyn warehouse with a deranged murderer. Credit: Psycho Clan
This Is Real traps you in a Brooklyn warehouse with a deranged murderer. Credit: Psycho Clan

Think you could survive a scary movie? New York City’s newest Halloween experience is a real-world test of your skills.


After 13 years of directing the notorious Nightmare haunted house, Tim Haskell and his Psycho Clan production team have created a different kind of terrifying immersive experience called This Is Real.


Here’s the premise: You “wake up” inside a warehouse in Red Hook after being kidnapped. Not only is it inconvenient to every train line, but you’re locked inside with a murderous psychopath who’s busy carving up a hapless victim before he turns his attention to you.


Described as a blend of interactive theater, survivalist game, escape room and “a twisted version of hide ‘n seek,” This Is Real promises to be a test of wits, agility and morality. Whether you “survive” depends entirely on what you and your seven fellow captives do and how you work together — even though you’ll be separated from at least half of the group for most of the time.


“This Is Real is not a haunted house,” says Haskell. “I’ve directed many different horror productions, haunted houses, escape games and populist interactive events, so this is a culmination of everything that has worked.”


Haskell and his team test-drove This Is Real over a brief sold-out run last October, and have brought on performers from Studio 153 to hone the experience. The nightmare starts Sept. 8 for an open-ended run, in case you like to hone your apocalypse survival skills beyond Halloween.

The 70-minute experience is limited to eight people per torture session, and all attendees must be at least 18 years old.

Tickets are on sale now ranging from $95 for Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday, and $110 for Friday and Saturday nights. Those eager for an early scare can get a 10 percent discount during the first two weeks of previews, from Sept. 8-21, with the code PREVIEWS2017.