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It must have been a glorious time before tourists found Shake Shack, but now the line is an hour long and your cravings for a thick and creamy shake are just barely strong enough to keep you on your numb feet in 50 degree weather while the line inches forward. Where’s Shake Shack delivery when you need it?

Enter Seamless, that glorious app that saves you time, human interaction and the need to put on pants. Thanks to Seamless, you can now get Shake Shack delivered. Translation: All the bacon-topped goodness of your SmokeShack with a fraction of the wait. Sweet Statue of Liberty, that’s living New York the right way.

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Shake Shack delivery? Tell me more

Unfortunately, like most good things, Shake Shack delivery through Seamless is only a limited-time offering. (Start composing your letters to the two companies now begging them to permanently extend the perfect partnership.)


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You’ll find Shake Shack starting today, Monday, March 5, alongside your go-to delivery places in your Seamless app or through their desktop platform. Simply place your order, get excited and then laugh at all the people standing in line as you take a huge bite of your double ShackBurger with ShackSauce™.

Which locations offer Shake Shack delivery

We know you’re wondering if the Shack Shack down the street from your apartment (and, heck, the one near your office too) are participating in this limited-time partnership. You’ll be able to order your fries and peanut butter shake through Shake Shack delivery on Seamless from the following New York locations:

  • Astor Place

  • Herald Square

  • Madison Square Park

  • Midtown East

  • Morningside Heights

  • Theater District

  • Upper East Side

  • Upper West Side

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I’m not in NYC. Do I get Shake Shack delivery?

Fear not, fellow burger lovers outside New York City, the delicious deal is coming to you, too. GrubHub will be rolling out Shake Shack delivery in other locations across the U.S. Check back with Metro US for updates about where and when these Shake Shack delivery options launch. Until then, you’ll have to brave the line.

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