The party is at Gelso & Grand this weekend.

The party is at Gelso & Grand this weekend.

Whether you’ve kept to your January goals of giving up carbs, sugar or alcohol, it’s time to give them up for good in the biggest way possible.

Little Italy’s Gelso & Grand achieved Instagram fame last year when co-owner Nima Garos and chef Cat Schimenti rolled out their joint giant rainbow cannolis, a nearly foot-long behemoth stuffed with cakes and creams and toppings that embodied everything about last year’s race to make the most over-the-top dessert.

But the addition of Svedka Vodka is a new twist to celebrate getting through Drynuary by literally breaking some of the most common resolutions — the cannolis are so big, they’re served with a small mallet to help break them up.

There are two flavors of giant vodka-infused cannoli, and each cannoli has two different sides to it. Anyone else feel lightheaded just reading that? Maybe bring a friend or three to tackle these bad boys.


The Cocoa Loco comes filled with black forest cake made with Svedka-soaked cherries and topped with more cherries on one side, and a Black Russian filling made with vanilla vodka, chocolate mascarpone and garnished with brownies and pretzels.

Or give in to Sweet Surrender, on one side filled with blue raspberry vodka-infused cannoli cream topped with cotton candy and a rock candy lollipop, on the other lemon cake with Svedka Citron-flavored cream with crispy meringue and candied lemon wedges.

Each comes served with a shot of vodka because there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing, no matter what the cliches tell you.

Rather than a conventional cannoli shell, these are made with the same batter as the Italian pizzelle cookie, which have more of a waffle flavor. We’ve officially lost count of the number of trends wrapped up in one dessert.

The cannolis cost $20 each and are only available for the next two weekends, Feb. 2-4 and Feb. 9-11, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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