This guy knows what's up. Credit: Getty Images
This guy knows what's up. Credit: Getty Images

Adult fun is returning to the heart of New York City in the form of a... mini golf course?


That’s the plan at the upcoming Moxy Times Square hotel, part of the Marriott’s millennial-focused boutique chain and set to open this September at 485 Seventh Ave. and 36th Street.


The new 18-story hotel will be capped off with an entire “urban amusement park” on its 10,000-square-foot all-weather rooftop, starring a mini golf course featuring “life-size animals in naughty poses.”



Alas, a rep for the hotel couldn’t provide additional details about the course, but you can bet you’ll be hitting your golf balls into some interesting places. Its name alone hints at a very wink-wink experience: Foreplay.

“From the beginning, we knew that this would be a different kind of project for us,” according to an understatement by Noah Tepperberg, co-president of the TAO Group, which is behind the Moxy’s entertainment concepts. If you’ve seen the giant purple breakdancing bunny at their clubstaurant Vandal or the ornate trappings of their Tao restaurants around the city, then you’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s in store here.

They did veer from the usual NYC approach to nightlife: “In conceptualizing the venues, we focused on attitude rather than exclusivity,” Tepperberg continued. “If you’re here to have fun, no problem!” Hopefully, there won’t be a dress code to knock around a few balls.

In addition to Foreplay, the Moxy’s indoor-outdoor rooftop playground with an “adult sensibility” will also include an oversize topiary garden, nightly DJs, a working carousel with views of the Empire State Building and the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge, serving carnival-esque food like sausage & peppers but also a Maine lobster roll because New York City. All together, they will make up the largest all-weather hotel rooftop bar in the city.

Other less risque (but no less pun-loving) amenities like the seafood brasserie Legasea with former Craft chef Jason Hall, an egg-centric breakfast spot called Egghead on the ground floor, Bar Moxy and grab-and-go café The Pickup.