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Philly is full of amazing artwork Photo: Mural Arts Program 

October is Mural Arts Month in Philadelphia and the Mural Arts Program has teamed up with Lyft to offer some amazing Lyft deals. All month long, Lyft is giving customers the chance to ride in four vehicles wrapped in murals by local muralists Ben Volta, Eurhi Jones and David McShane

Lyft teamed up with Philadelphia Mural Arts to offer Lyft deals all month long 

You can find Volta’s mural Bloom at 5406 Chester Avenue, while Jones and McShane’s mural Water Gives Life is set to debut on October 23 at 1300 Arch Street. To add to celebrating Mural Arts Month, Lyft will also be offering four flat-bed trucks featuring eight different murals from renowned Philly artists on October 11 from 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Lyft is encouraging passengers to visit Philadelphia’s art scene during October with a special promotional code, ARTPHL. The code will give riders amazing Lyft deals; a 25 percent discount – Monday through Friday from 5pm to midnight– on trips taken to some of Philadelphia’s most popular art destinations and events, including The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Barnes Foundation, The Prince Theater, the Center for Design and Architecture, and Design Philadelphia’s 13-day festival at the BOK Building. The discount will also apply on trips taken to the featured murals.

Lyft deals


“Mural Arts Philadelphia has truly transformed public art in the city by collaborating with local artists to bring the streets of Philadelphia to life and make art accessible to all,” said Andrew Woolf, General Manager of Lyft Pennsylvania in the press release. “Lyft couldn’t think of a better way to support their great work through this partnership – not only sharing their murals with a wide audience but also bringing passengers to neighborhoods across the city to see amazing artwork in person.”

The promotion celebrates the culture of the city and the murals that make Philly unique and different “We’re so excited to see our work traveling throughout the city!” said Jane Golden, Executive Director of Mural Arts Philadelphia in the press release. “Lyft’s desire to #LyftUptheArts and innovative approach to sharing our work make this partnership a win-win!”

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