Head to R&D tp indulge in their unique Tiki Menu PHOTO: Stephen Recchia 

It’s sweet, sweet summertime and that means it’s time to sip on tropical drinks and truly soak in every single minute this sunny season gives us. R&D, the new chic and stylish cocktail bar in Fishtown, understands the whole “summer aesthetic” and recently launched their “Tiki Menu” with island-themed drinks and garnishes. The unique and refreshing list of libations will only be around for another month, so if you want to indulge in these cups of tasty happiness, now is the time.

Fishtown cocktail bar R&D is mixing up a delicious Tiki Menu for another month

R&D is eclectic and welcoming. As soon as you walk in the door, you know you are there for an experience. That thought is cemented when you see all of the neat little gadgets the bartenders mix drinks with behind the bar. Their style is truly an art form.

All of the tiki cocktails were created and hand-picked by the staff, lead by Aaron Deary. Deary has worked with the Fishtown hot spot Suraya (R&D’s sister bar) and is also working on a menu for a new project that will unveil in Center City this fall. Deary and his crew each work on a drink concoction and come together to give feedback and insight, and craft each cocktail to perfection.



The Tiki Menu features a delicious array of options including their Retrograde, made with Reposado tequila, mezcal, ancho, mango, apricot, lime and oat orgeat; NJ Success Story, made with rye, apple brandy, banana, sherry, amaro, lemon and egg white; Nai’nai’tai’tai, made with vodka, cachaca, blood orange, amaretto, lime and cinnamon; Death Before Decaf, made with Demerara rum, Irish whiskey, Amaro, coffee, pineapple, coconut and Donn’s Spices #2; and more. The menu also features some classic cocktail favorites such as the Painkiller, mai tai and daiquri.

R&D’s Tiki Menu also offers tasty shots (such as the Irish Meets Tiki and the Lychee & Hibiscus), unique citywide options (such as the Rum and Red Bull Cola and the Snaiquiri & Peroni) and even refreshing drinks that are served in bowls and can satisfy up to four people (such as their Blue Hawaiian).


Be sure to also try some of R&D’s light bites and appetizing snacks while sampling the refreshing tiki cocktails. Each dish is artfully prepared and absolutely delightful. Food menu items include whipped ricotta (with date syrup, almonds and flax crackers), aged Pecorino with apricot jam), hummus (with cashew dukkah and pita chips) and much, much more.

R&D is located at 1206 Frankford Ave. For more information, visit rdphilly.com

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