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Getting fit is always on people’s minds. Some workout to get healthier, some workout to look better and some workout as a de-stressor from the daily grind of life. Whatever your reasons are, getting your body stronger and in shape is always a good idea. The problem is that life is busy, schedules are hectic, working out is a burden on your body, lifting can cause injuries and so many more excuses that can go on and on and fill up a book. That’s where X-Force comes in. This groundbreaking workout is designed as an intense, safe, results-driven, all-in-one method for individuals with a hectic schedule. The press release itself states it will be “the hardest 30 minutes of your life.”

X-Force Philadelphia is the workout you never knew you needed

Don’t let the intensity scare you off- these workouts are designed for anyone at any fitness level, and trainers are with you every step of the way to guide you on your journey. There are no body builders, no judgment, no clunking of weights and yelling- just an all-around hard-hitting session that will leave you sore but extremely happy.

X-Force is unlike any workout you’ve seen before; it emphasizes negative (the lowering of the resistance) accentuated training. The resulting “inroad” (depletion of strength during a set of an exercise) is 40-50% deeper than conventional exercise. In layman’s terms, you are getting an intense session in throughout the entirety of your workout; while you’re pumping the iron out and while you bring the weights back down to rest. According to the release, recent research indicates that the potential intensity of lowering a heavy resistance might be the most important aspect of the exercise and is responsible for a higher level of muscular and bone strength.



X-Force originated in Sweden and was brought over to the US in 2012 by fitness and sports medicine pioneer Roger Schwab. Schwab is a leader in the prevention and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries; he delved into the study of athletic injuries specifically focusing on rehabilitation of injuries in the soft tissues of the lumbar and cervical spine. Schwab also trained both the U.S.A. women’s Olympic swimming and field hockey teams, wrote over 100 articles in national publications on strength training and bodybuilding, trained Mike Mentzer for the 1978 Mr. Universe and the 1980 Mr. Olympia competitions and was inducted into the Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame for excellence in sports medicine in 2008. Long and short, he knows his stuff.

“In my nearly half-century of training myself, athletes and clients, I have found X-Force to be the most challenging and effective workout I have experienced. It is a safe, medically sound, technologically advanced protocol, the future of meaningful training, which we are providing to Philadelphians today,” said Schwab, owner and certified trainer of X-Force Philadelphia in a release. “With the first repetition of the first exercise of the X-Force workout, trainees realize that this is going to be a different kind of exercising experience. The personal training protocol will guarantee that every trainee ‘experiences the experience’ and realizes a new, highly advanced system of training, capable of stimulating unparalleled results.”


X-Force is recommended once a week for 30 minutes. How is a half hour out of your week that intense? After your first session, you’ll find out. “We did not look for once-a-week training as a training incentive. Rather, empirically, we discovered that X-Force’s deep inroad requires approximately seven days for systemic recovery,” said Schwab in a release.

A muscle is about 40% stronger lowering a resistance than lifting the resistance. That’s why one session a week is perfect for your fitness regiment; X-Force compacts strength, cardio, respiratory efficiency and flexibility all into one intense session.

The words “intense” and “challenging” can be scary to some. But rest assured this workout is truly not as frightening as it seems. Is it intense and challenging? Yes. Are you still able to achieve your goals while doing it, even while not at your peak fitness level? Absolutely. That’s what X-Force is for, building up your strength and fitness level in a safe, injury free, non-time consuming way.

X-Force Philadelphia is located in The Graham Building, 30 S. 15th St. To learn more about X-Force and to sign up for your first session visit xforcephiladelphia.com

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