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Dilemma: You have a serious craving for meat and cheese, and not just anything will cut it. You want the best Philly cheesesteak in Philly — but you also very much do not want to put on pants. We get it; it’s the classic 2018 conundrum. Heck, we’ve been there. Thank the gods of delicious deli sandwiches for delivery services, amiright?

But wait. Your go-to for a Philly cheesesteak you know is good doesn’t deliver, and you don’t feel like playing Russian roulette and risking a sub-par sandwich. That’s why Metro teamed up with Grubhub to discover the best Philly cheesesteak in Philly that you could get delivered right to your door.

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The Grubhub team did us all a major service by combing through their reviews to find the best of the best Philly cheesesteak in Philly that their platform has to offer. They combined ratings and reviews of each restaurant so that their top choice for the best Philly cheesesteak in Philly earned the title specifically based on the takeout experience. That means your sandwich has to not only taste delicious but also arrive on time and with (or without) everything you specifically requested.


So skip the leg prisons and download the Grubhub app if you haven’t already. But please, we beg you, practice responsible tipping. If you’re going to be answering the door without pants, make sure your delivery person gets some dough.

The best Philly cheesesteak in Philly available on Grubhub

Cheese Steak from Del Rossi’s

538 North 4th
Philadelphia, PA
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Reviews of Del Rossi’s have pronounced this the “best cheese steak I've had in a long time” and “simply amazing,” and the restaurant earned fans for being “always great, quick and delicious.”

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Runners up for title of the best Philly cheesesteak in Philly

Maybe Del Rossi’s isn’t close enough to you for you to get their Philly cheesesteak delivered. That’s fine, fans of the savory sandwich. We asked Grubhub to pull an extra four locations that were vying for the top spot so that everyone had an option. We take cravings seriously around here.

Cheese Steak from Oregon Steaks

2654 10th Street
Philadelphia, PA
See their menu

This place is “super quick and hot,” according to diners, and boasts “super delicious food.” The cheesesteak earned high marks for being “so yummy” and “always consistent.” Overall, it looks like this is the best Philly cheesesteak in Philly if you’re ordering after a long night out. It’s been called an “excellent late night cheesesteak!” and another diner attested to the speedy delivery — even at 1:15 in the morning.


Beef Cheese Steak from Barry’s Steaks

471 Leverington Avenue
Philadelphia, PA
See their menu

“The food was excellent, & arrived early and hot:” Is there any better review than that when you have a craving that just won’t stop? The “cheese steaks were awesome” one diner commented, but for most part the compliments for food and service went hand-in-hand, like in the case of one customer who gushed that delivery from Barry’s is “always great food and always arrives sooner than estimated.”


Cheesesteak from Abner’s Cheesesteaks

3813 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA
See their menu

A good cheesesteak that won’t set you back too much green? Golden. And that’s exactly what diners say you’ll get from Abner’s. The food, especially the cheesesteak, gets high marks for being simply “very good” and the price comes up as a selling point again and again. One diner even bemoaned their upcoming graduation since it would cut short their time to order from Abner’s, the perfect spot for a “broke college student looking for good, cheap food.”


Cheese Steak from Fresh Works

2634 Belgrade Street
Philadelphia, PA
See their menu

“They make the BEST buffalo chicken cheesesteaks,” according to one top reviewer, but maybe you’re not sold. There’s undoubtedly endless options for cheesesteaks in Philly, so why should you commit to one place? Maybe one reviewer said it best when they summed up their experience with Fresh Works: “Always loved this place, still do.... enough said!!!”

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