Find your furry Valentine today PHOTO: Pennsylvania SPCA

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and the PSPCA has some furry friends that can use some love. There are plenty of sweet adoptable animals that are in need of some serious endearment and the Pennsylvania SPCA is inviting all Philadelphians to spread some warmth by donating money to provide a valentine for any animal in the shelter. 

Donate and find a furry Valentine at the PSPCA

Philadelphians can donate $10 and in turn, the Pennsylvania SPCA will hang a sweet and heartfelt valentine with their name or the name of their choosing (or remain anonymous) on a shelter resident's kennel door as they await their forever family. This isn't just an opportunity to donate money for a worthy cause, but also an opportunity to make any loveable animal's day with a fur-dorable treat.


Anyone who wishes to participate can visit the PSPCA's website at, and after donating participants have the option of choosing which location the Valentine will be hung. 


If a participant has a favorite animal in the shelter they can mark down which one they would like to dub their valentine too, and if not they can let the shelter pick one that maybe is in need of some extra love and attention. All proceeds from the Valentine's fundraiser will directly benefit animals in their shelter who have been rescued from cruelty and neglect. Donations can be made to Eerie Avenue Shelter, the Central PA Center at Danville, Fishtown Center, Lancaster Center and Mainline Animal Shelter.


For over 150 years the Pennsylvania SPCA has been rescuing animals from cruelty and neglect. Copious amount of animals have been brought to the shelter looking for a fresh start and care. Animals are available for adoption and the PSPCA strives to help all Philadelphians meet their perfect companion.

For more information about the Pennsylvania SPCA visit

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